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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is fundamental to maintaining physical and mental health. An adequate intake of food and nutrients helps to maintain an optimal health status. In contrast, food intake that is suboptimal can lead directly to many common health issues like vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, sluggish bowels, weight gain and unhealthy hair and skin. Long term, a poor diet can also increase our risk of more serious health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, anemia and osteoporosis.


Between what you hear on TV and read in the news, eating right can seem like a real challenge. But it doesn't have to be. Investing some time in learning the basics of nutrition from an accredited dietitian can be best things you can do for your long term health. I can help you weed through the murky waters of nutrition misinformation and provide sound, easy-to-follow nutrition advice.


The Healthy Eating Program is a conveniently packaged option that assesses your current health and dietary intake and then based on this, provides you with practical advice, education and an easy to follow nutrition plan.


Healthy Eating

+   Health, Diet & Lifestyle Assessment
+   1 x Initial Dietitian Consultation (60 - 75 minutes)
+   2 x Review Dietitian Consultations (30 minutes each)
+   Personalised Dietary Plan
+   Tailored Education & Resources
+   2 x Body Composition Assessments
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