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Insulin Resistance

Restore your health & shift stubborn weight with the help of an expert insulin resistance dietitian

Do you struggle with weight that is easy to gain and hard to lose?

 All while trying to navigate constant cravings and fatigue?


 The calories in, calories out approach to weight loss doesn’t consistently work for people with insulin resistance / PCOS.


Often people with insulin resistance blame their battle with their weight on a “slow metabolism”. The truth is their metabolism isn’t slow, its dysfunctional!

It has been hard wired to store fat and crave carbs. 

The underlying issue is insulin resistance.

What's the Solution?

YOUr metabolism NEEDs A RESET

But how?.... Eliminate carbs?... Go Keto?... Fast until noon?

NOWAY!  All of these are bandaid solutions, and while you might see some results initially, they do not fix the underlying issue and you will continue to struggle with your weight, fatigue and cravings until insulin resistance is reversed or improved 

I'm here to help....

I’m Jorja, a Dietitian & Nutritionist who’s reversed my own insulin resistance and PCOS. ⁠

My own experience with these conditions lead me to become an expert in this field and for the last 9
 years I’ve helped countless people with insulin resistance and PCOS to shift stubborn weight, combat cravings and restore their insulin sensitivity. ⁠

I'm here to help you ditch the fads and restrictive diets and get you get started on the right path to sustainable results that will last a lifetime.

Insulin Resistance Dietitian & Nutritionist

B. Hlth Sci (Nutrition & Dietetics) Hons

B. Exercise & Movement Science (Dist)

Insulin Resistance Dietitian

Jorja Barnes

Metabolic Reset Program

The Metabolic Reset

A transformative 12 week high level support coaching program to restore insulin sensitivity, take back control of your health and lose weight for good.  


Over the course of the program you will learn the sustainable, science backed way of eating to reverse insulin resistance, crush cravings, restore energy and shift stubborn weight.


There's no doubt knowledge is power in this situation, BUT we also know that support & accountability are crucial for making sustainable behaviour changes that will help you lose weight and keep it off.  That is why structured fortnightly 1:1 coaching is a key ingredient for the success of this program.


All the education, tools, support & accountability you will need on your journey to better health & finding your happy weight


To conduct a thorough assessment & individualised plan to get you started on the right path


30min review consults provide ongoing support, monitoring, accountability and education 


A flexible dietary plan personalised to suit your individual needs, including snack list


Dietitian approved main meal recipes that are super quick, really tasty and easy to prepare


Including guides on balancing blood sugar, combating cravings, eating out, exercise

and much more!


Access to a mindful food tracking app to help you learn about your eating habits and keep you accountable


The fundamentals of how insulin resistance impacts weight and how to shift your body from fat storing to fat burning

The essentials for balancing blood sugar, controlling insulin production to crush cravings

The sustainable, evidence-based way of eating that combats the root of the issue

The do's & don't of exercise for insulin resistance & how to exercise smarter not harder  

How your gut microbiome can hold the key to reversing insulin resistance and what you need to do to optimise it

How to keep on track with your goals in the real world of social events & eating out


If you’re ready to free yourself from overwhelm and get the support you need to take back control of your health - I’d love to invite you to book a free 15 minute Discovery Call.


A discovery call will help you get clear on how the program can help you to reach your goals and the next steps you need to take to get started.

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