Supermarket  Tours

Are you confused at the supermarket?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the variety of food choices?  Do you know how to select the healthiest foods?   And do you understand those complicated food labels?    


If you're confused, Peak Health Nutrition can help.   We are pleased to offer supermarket tours designed to help you become a more informed shopper.   We will show you how to navigate the supermarket aisles and choose the best foods to nourish your body.


A supermarket tour will benefit anyone interested in learning more about general health and nutrition, interested in eating well to prevent or manage a chronic health condition or for those interested in learning more about making healthy food choices at the supermarket. 

Supermarket Savvy Tour

+   A 1-1.5 hour guided walk-through of your supermarket
+   Hands-on, practical information and product recommendations
+   Learn how to decipher nutrition information panels
+   Learn about nutrition claimed and what they REALLY mean
+   Receive a comprehensive product guide list including recommended brands
+   Receive a handy label reading wallet card