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1:1 Coaching Programs

I offer specialised nutrition coaching programs to assist with weight loss, insulin resistance, PCOS, gut health & pregnancy nutrition. These programs can be conducted in person at the Palm Beach QLD clinic for those that live locally, or via online video link if you live elsewhere.


 Coaching programs consist of a package of one-on-one dietitian consultations where you will be provided with tailored, evidence based dietary advice to suit to your individual needs, as well as ongoing education, support and guidance to help you make sustainable changes to achieve your goals.

what's involved?

initial Consultation
60 - 75 minutes

The aim of the initial consultation is to get to know you and conduct a thorough nutrition assessment of you as an individual so that all advice and action plans can be personalised to your unique needs.


Prior to your initial consultation you will be emailed a pre-consultation questionnaire to complete. This gives me time to do a lot of the assessment component before you come to the initial consultation.

When we meet face-to-face I will undertake a detailed review your medical history, biochemistry and medications or supplements. We will discuss your goals and if relevant, we will also take some baseline anthropometric measures

I will assess your current dietary intake, eating habits, food intolerances and/or preferences. I will also discuss your lifestyle including exercise and sleep habits

Based on the assessment I will work with you to develop a personalised dietary plan suited to your needs. The plan will included in a take home pack complete with a food diary and any other relevant resources.

review Consultations
30 minutes

Making changes to the way you eat can seem overwhelming. Review sessions with a dietitian will provide you with the ongoing support, monitoring and accountability to help you progress toward your goals. Research shows that regular sessions with a qualified dietitian/nutritionist yield far superior results, compared with trying to do it alone.


Most review sessions include some structured education on topics relevant to your individual needs so that you can ultimately be an expert in your own health

We will discuss the current plan, identify any barriers towards change, develop solutions and make modifications. Then we will set short-term goals to focus on until your next review

I will monitor your progress towards your goals using a variety of different measures and provide ongoing support, guidance and accountability to help you to progress toward your goals

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