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Weight Loss

Wanting to lose weight without the fads and gimmicks? I can help! I offer medically-sound, personalised programs which are tailored to you as an individual. Let me help you achieve a balance that gives you a lifestyle you enjoy with a body that you're comfortable in.

Research continually shows that regular follow up is one of the most important factors for losing weight and keeping it off. That's why structured fortnightly follow up is one of the key ingredients of the program.


Over the course of the program you will be kept accountable while learning about healthy eating, creating nutritious meals, correct food portions, understanding food labels, healthy snack ideas, eating out and much more.

Weight Loss Program

+   Health, Diet & Lifestyle Assessment
+   1 x Initial Dietitian Consultation (60 minutes)
+   4 x Fortnightly Review Consultations* (30 minutes each)
+   Personalised Dietary Plan
+   Recipe Collection
+  Tailored Education Resources & Guides

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